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MONDAY, September 26, 2022

06:00 PM

Opening Reception Desk @DLR Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart

06:30 PM


07:00 PM

Official Inauguration of the test facility CHESTER - the Compressed Heat Energy Storage System


Launch & Lab Tour

09:00 PM

End of the evening


TUESDAY, September 27, 2022

08:00 AM

Opening Reception Desk

@University of Stuttgart 

Venue: 3rd International Workshop on Carnot Batteries 2022 (

09:00 AM 


Andrè Thess, DLR
09:15 AM

KEYNOTE: The Carnot-Batterie of LEAG

Thomas Hörtinger, LEAG
09:45 AM 

KEYNOTE: Repowering Coal Plants as Pumped Thermal Energy Storage

Benjamin Bollinger, Malta
10:15 AM

KEYNOTE: Regulatory Framework and Business Models for Carnot Batteries as Energy Storage

Christian Bauer, Watson Farley & Williams LLP
Systems and Demonstrations I
11:15 AM Experimental characterization of a reversible heat pump - ORC pilot plant with sensible thermal energy storage Maximilian Weitzer, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen
11:35 AM Waste heat recovery in European supermarkets using Carnot batteries Alanis Zeoli, University of Liège
11:55 AM Techno-economic prospects of small cogeneration coal fired plants conversion to Carnot batteries Vaclav Novotny, Czech Technical University in Prague
12:15 PM Optimal management and sizing of reversible heat pump/ORC Carnot batteries working in synergy with a district heating substation Chiara Poletto, University of Bologna
12:35 PM LUNCH
Materials and Components  
01:30 PM

KEYNOTE: Research and development: Pumps and valves for high temperature applications

David Lauer, KSB SE & Co. KGaA
02:00 PM Testing key components for Carnot batteries in molten lead and molten salt at elevated temperatures

Klarissa Niedermeier, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Thomas Bauer, DLR

02:20 PM Application of Turbomachines in Carnot Batteries Sebastian Schuster, University of Duisburg-Essen
Thermal Energy Storage I
03:40 PM Rock Bed Thermal Energy Storage in Industrial Business Parks Kai Knobloch, Technical University of Denmark
04:00 PM Multilayer Packed Bed Based Latent & Sensible Heat Storage for Liquid Air Energy Storage Efficiency Enhancement Lejin Xu, University of Birmingham
04:20 PM System and Component Development of a Thermal Battery Using Low-Cost Stable Solid Particles Zhiwen Ma, NREL, USA
04:40 PM

KEYNOTE: Design, build and initial operation of the CHESTER system

Dan Bauer, DLR / HFT Stuttgart

Maike Johnson, DLR

05:10 PM

Support instruments for mid to long term and systems integrated energy storage: the EIC pathfinder challenge and Horizon EU funding opportunities

Antonio Marco Pantaleo, European Innovation Council

WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
09:00 AM Opening
09:15 AM

KEYNOTE: Echogen CO2-based Pumped Thermal Energy Storage

Tim Held, Ecogen, USA
09:45 AM

KEYNOTE: Thermal storage - the centerpiece of every Carnot-Battery, A unique solution for each Carnot Battery Concept

Annelies Vandersickel, DLR
10:15 AM

KEYNOTE: Net-zero Power – Long duration energy storage for a renewable grid

Michael Geyer, VP LDESC
Systems and Demonstration II
11:15 AM Development and simulation of a novel Carnot Battery for decentralized sector coupling Michel Textor, University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen
11:35 AM Optimal Dispatch Strategies For A Packed Bed TES Based Carnot Battery To Maximize Renewable Penetration Muhammad Taimoor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
11:55 AM Experimental Investigation of a Thermally Integrated Carnot Battery Using a Reversible Heat Pump/ Organic Rankine Cycle: Influence of System Charge on Performance of the Reversible Scroll Compressor/Expander and Global Performance Robin Tassenoy, Ghent University
12:15 PM OPTES-GT Battery, a novel CAPEX-optimized Brayton-cycle-concept with P-VHTTES and HTTES Günther Schneider, enolcon gmbh
12:35 PM LUNCH
Life Cycle and Cost Analysis
01:30 PM

KEYNOTE:  Thermophotovoltaics (TPV) Energy Storage Systems – an update on FOAK demonstration plant progress and TPV module performance

Adrienne Little, Antora Energy
02:00 PM

Life Cycle Analysis of a Carnot battery using a reversible 10 kWe HP/ORC system

Olivier Dumont, University of Liège
02:20 PM Carnot batteries in future 100% renewable national energy systems Peter Sorknaes, Aalborg University
02:40 PM Techno-economic assessment of a Carnot Battery for idustrial application Silvia Trevisan, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
03:00 PM Power-to-Heat integration in a two-stage Brayton Battery configuration: Increasing system Cost Efficiency and Flexibility Sergej Belik, DLR
Thermal Energy Storage II
03:40 PM Influence of fillers on performance of molten salt thermocline storage Julius Weiss, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
04:00 PM Improving cycling behaviour of packed bed thermal energy storage by using redox materials Timo Roeder, German Aerospace Center, Institute of Future Fuels
04:20 PM multiTESS – The flexible energy storage Rabea Dluhosch, Solar-Institute Jülich